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Setting Compound (Epoxy)
Securing the filament in the brush head depends on epoxy type, mixture accuracy and filament shape. Padmashri Paint brushes uses best quality epoxy compound available in the market.

Padmashri Paint brushes uses rust free umbrella headed nails to secure the head of the brush and the handle.

Thick and Full:
A quality brush always feels substantial — never skimpy. Padmashri™ brush feels thick and full & holds more paint, covers more surface and covers it better.

Different filament length:
In a good brush, the filaments are of different lengths. This way paint is carried in the middle of the brush as well as at the tip.

Precise taper:
A top-notch brush has tapered filaments — thick at the butt end and thinner at the tip. Padmashri Paint brush made with Dupont™ Tynex® - T/Q nylon tapered filaments releases paint gradually, evenly and smoothly.

Tipped and flagged filaments:
In addition to being tapered, filaments ends are properly “tipped” and “flagged.” These give the brush a soft, smooth painting edge, which leaves brush marks almost too small to see.

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Paint Brush India
Paint Brush India

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Paint Brush India
Paint Brush India

Paint Brush India