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Learn How to Paint - Part 1

If you want to learn how to paint or if have recently begun painting, this is the place to start!!

Painting a wall requires good planning as it can give a room a completely different feel. If you want to paint a wall correctly, you won't skimp on preparation and dive right into it. With a little bit of forethought and execution, however, painting your walls can be just as satisfying as it is uplifting.

Choose a color:
The choices are literally endless, leaving you a bit overwhelmed perhaps. When choosing a color for your new walls, consider these tips:

Paint Brush Export Choose a color based on the dominant pattern in the room. This could be a rug, a painting, or even the upholstery. Let these patterns guide your choices.

Artist Paint Brush Go from light to dark, ceiling to floor. If you want a rule of thumb, follow this one: lighter colors go up top (ceiling, for instance), colors in the middle go on walls, and the darkest colors go on the carpets/flooring.

Painting Supplies Use the color wheel. Colors that are close to one another on the color wheel generally work well together. Colors that are far away from one another on the color wheel need a little more help to fit a workable color scheme.

Prepare the floor and hardware for painting:
The first thing you should do is lay a canvas sheet down on the floor, covering it completely. Secure the canvas with painters tape and make sure it doesn't move around. In addition to this:

Paint Brush India Remove any switch plates and electrical outlet covers, putting painter's tape over them.

Paint Brush Export Tape over any other hardware that can't be removed.

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